Dive Into Delft

That ’s it, grab your jacket.


That’s all you need to move out of the city which is miring in cheap tasteless fish net stockings and dreadful stench of smoking cannabis. I haven’t learnt to love it and still have been to Amsterdam twice. Shoot at me.


Delft is the place to go if you ever find yourself floundering in the riling capital of the Netherlands. You still reach wander along the emblematic Dutch canals, eat pancakes and do an elegant ballerina brisé to avoid the light stream of bicycles that might, occasionally come in your way. So relax, you are not missing anything.


The heart of it lies in a beautiful market square, protectively swaddled in a circle of stores and Renaissance buildings.

Every Thursday, close to a hundred booths open at the square, spread out like the wing of a Morpho butterfly. From fresh flowers to crusty loaves, antiques and bric a brac, the Delft Marketplace has everything.


But perhaps these are not enough to satisfy your itching need to store (I can understand). That we’re going to waltz across the marketplace and spend every cent of our Euros at Royal Delft – on the famous white and blue pottery.

Impacted by the plan of 14th-century Chinese porcelains, this earthenware will turn corners of your property into a page from House and Garden Magazine.

And yes, they’re not the cheapest thing from this town. So, you may want to bypass the “Fragile” label entirely and proceed to purchase a brand new seat on the plane for your soon-to-be-heirloom memorabilia.

It is possible to spend an hour or so or two at the Vermeer Centrum to understand his work and his life. Or, you are able to toddle the right path to 40 and 42 Vlamingstraat to see the once mysterious passageway that appeared in among his most important paintings, The Little Street.


But of course, you might be more enthusiastic about finding out where to get the best butter cookies. We all are. Your wish is likely to be allowed at Stadsbakkerij De Diamanten Ring.

Delft is the right day trip place for all. It little, sun- slowed and genial. You don’t desire a map to navigate your way round the town.


Step into the store, unleash your inner child and look at all of the cakes, pastries and cookies in wide-eye wonder. Buy three, five or more. And in the event you could pronounce the name of the bakery, all’s on me.


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