iRobot Roomba 880 Malaysia That Truly Works


Before I started analyzing the Roomba 880 like Dyson brand vacuums, I’d heard my fair share of iRobot hype. Thankfully, though, what I found was a smart little robot vacuum Malaysia that came in each and every functionality group in first or second place.

At RM3650, it will replace the equally priced Roomba 790 that Katie Pilkington lately reviewed.


Yes, I’d recommend the Roomba 880 in the market for a luxury-priced robot vac to anyone.

So what is different? At first, not a whole lot. But, you’ll see something completely new and the vacuum over: AeroForce technology. I will go into that more later, but it’s basically a layout and attribute improvement that improves performance a great deal.

Overall, the 880 will be greatest for a person who appreciates gadgets and understands that a robot vacuum is not designed to replace all other floor cleaning. In addition, it is not the greatest alternative for someone only interested in vacuuming up pet hair. For that, the RM2650 Neato Robotics XV Signature Pro holds secure in the lead.



The 8.4-pound Roomba is a cute and able robot vacuum. It is finished in black (unlike the 790’s blue end), and contains a carrying handle in order to simply transport it.

The 880 does not stray too far from the present layout of iRobot. It has the same rounded look, and that same large Clean/Power button in the middle. The company clearly desired to keep up with sturdy construction and the Roomba’s unassuming, minimalist design.

Apart from the vacuum itself, you also get a Home Base, or dock, two Virtual Wall/Lighthouse sensors with four C batteries contained, a supplementary HEPA filter, and a remote control with two AA batteries included.



The best feature provided on the Roomba 880 is iRobot’s just designed AeroForce cleaning system. It comprises two bristle-free extractors that rotate inward to accelerate increase and airflow suction. There’s also a high efficiency vacuum, and a new XLife battery that claims to last much longer.



The display on very top of the hoover includes these buttons: Clock Dock, Program, and Area. Hit on the Dock button and your Roomba will return to Home Base. You and select Clock can set hour, the day, and minute. Pick Program and you can program a certain cleaning routine for the Roomba each week, to tackle. And also the unique Area choice targets little cleaning areas — it rotates out 3 feet from its starting point and after that returns to where it started to deep clean a specific section of floor back.

The 880 also offers various indicator lights to talk to you as it charges or cleans. Solid red means the battery is empty. A Dirt Detect targets those areas for cleaning and attribute senses debris. If there is a problem a troubleshooting light will appear, when the Roomba is trying to untangle itself, and a antitangle light will show. A complete bin light lets you know when the tray must be emptied.


You’re able to control those things right but you may also begin regular cleaning and spot cleaning from your remote, dock the Roomba, or steer it around utilizing the arrow buttons. And in the event that you would like to block off a specific room for cleaning, the Virtual Walls act like invisible fences; the 880 will not go past them. You also possess the option of turning your Virtual Walls into Lighthouses. Position them throughout your home as well as your Roomba will not be unable to follow them reunite to Home Base without getting lost and around to clean room by room.


This vacuum is very simple to make use of. Set on regular clean, spot clean, or create your personal agenda in advance, and let it go. You may also rely on various accessories like the Virtual Walls along with the Lighthouses mentioned in the Features section above to keep it from leaving a room or to help direct it throughout your own house and back to Home Base. The 880 demands very little effort and interaction from you (possibly even less in relation to the Neato, since the Roomba has a distant for increased availability as well as the Neato does not).

The 880 also senses how much time it requires to clean a specified space and it’ll return to the pier to charge when it thinks that job is completed. It does not get much easier than that. Yet, you can not exactly estimate how long it might take the Roomba to clean a room — particularly when you first get it.


So in case you are on the go, a robot vacuum is not the the most productive cleaning method. Sure, it follows algorithms that cover as much ground as you possibly can, but when you wish to clean something quickly, watching a Roomba run is a bit like waiting for water to boil. While ease of good use is high, speed of good use is a bit more unpredictable.

Additionally, while the dust bin is an easy task to remove, if it’s not placed right it’ll dump everything it just cleaned all over the place. And because it’s little, shake the filter every time you use it out and you may need to empty that bin. It’s also strongly suggested that you replace the filter about six times a year and clean both debris extractors every four months (even more if you have pets). The detectors must be cleaned occasionally, too.

But when the upkeep isn’t running makes this low-care Roomba seem a bit high care. Since it is not so large and an easy task to lift, though, cleaning is not almost as involved as it’d be with a larger, more traditional upright or canister vacuum cleaner.


How did it do?

First, all of the built-in sensors performed. From taking a tumble, the cliff sensors that keep the Roomba understood every time it ceased, got near an edge, and changed direction. So when I examined it in my living room, it fit underneath the coffee table, the media center, and a fairly low arm chair . Now that’s devotion


I also analyzed the 880 in a managed office setting and it did especially well on the rice evaluation. In fact, it beat out another four versions on all three surfaces — midpile carpet, low-pile carpeting, and hardwood. I scattered 2.5 ounces of black rice evenly and let the Roomba run. It did an amazing job. The side spinner brush actually came in handy here. Any stray bits of rice were swept into the trail of the Roomba and rapidly carried to the dust bin.

The Roomba picked up an average of 2.38 ounces on midpile, 2.43 oz on low-pile, and 2.33 oz on hardwood.

This evaluation really accounts for those bits of food that might wind up lodged in your living room carpet when you are noshing and watching TV, or under the kitchen table, or in the kitchen itself during frenzied cooking and cleaning. This was the initial test I performed, and it was already clear that fairly major developments had been made by iRobot because the 790 to its hoovers.

Pet hair is among those tests that may make or break a purchase choice. Consider the Roomba 790, for example. That’s one big reason the 880 was designed by iRobot . The recently constructed Roomba 880 has fancy new bristleless debris extractors that remove pet hair (and everything else) with less fuss.


It performed marginally better in other evaluations, but substantially much better compared to 790 about the pet hair tests. The Neato continues to be the reigning champion of pet hair, however, with the Roomba 880 falling marginally behind as well as the other models dropping far behind that. If you’re enthusiastic about a well rounded performer, the 880 is the most effective, but in case you are mainly interested in having your bot undertake rampant pet hair, select the Neato.

The 880 removed 0.12 ouncs from the midpile carpet, 0.10 oz from the low-pile carpeting, and 0.17 ounce from the hardwood flooring. Not bad whatsoever.

The new AeroForce extractors of iRobot may also be designed to fight tangling better than previous Roomba versions. But should you have a long-hair shedding fiend like my Australian Shepherd mix, Halley, you might possess some problems.

Basically, that isn’t assumed to occur. And it didn’t happen on any of the pet that is curbed . However, in the wild west of my family area, Halley’s long hair proved a small challenge for the Roomba. The takeaway is this robot vacuum is hearty, but some jobs are merely too big.


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