Journey of the Watches I Wear

This post is in collaboration with SEIKO.
I have worn a watch each and every day of my life for the past 2 decades. I wear them because they tell the time with only a flick of a wrist (rather than bringing out my telephone) and because it’s one of the few fashion accessories guys must wear.


The past decade though has seen an interesting change of my curiosity about watches. When I first found Swiss watches everything occurred. I can’t describe why I ended up possessing a few of them. I believe it’s a mix of peer pressure, love of the layout and well merely believing that they’re the sort of watch I should have or aspire to have at that age.

As the years passed owning them became less and less entertaining. For starters they started to overlook minutes. That’s right. MISS MINUTES. For all the craftsmanship that these luxury watches were known for, they weren’t exact.

On different occasions when this happened I’d bring them to the shop and ask what’s incorrect. The comments I had was that it’s not uncommon for them to overlook some minutes every on occasion but it’ll be better once I send it for servicing.


How much you might inquire would servicing cost? Well… depending on the watch but everywhere from RM500-RM8,000. That’s insane!

I began wearing a different sort of watch after I realised these high-end watches had become a burden instead of an advantage to me,. The type of watch that would never lose a minute.

You can find times when it only doesn’t fit your style. When you’re wearing a work shirt or a suit whether it’s. It simply doesn’t look great.

I wanted wouldn’t miss a tick, seems as good as any luxury watch and affordable.

Kintaro Hattori.

Kintaro went on to make the first wristwatch and his watches were known to be so precise that as Japan National Railway’s “Official Railway Watch” it was named in 1929. I’m imagining because it kept time extremely nicely and we all know all Japanese trains are.


You understand today the battery operated ones that many people wear around our wrists.

I only desire to write about things or brands that I believe in and I have an excellent impression of Seiko. Remember this article I wrote that got over 80,000 shares.

I view Seiko very positively because it’s a watch maker with a lot of heritage. It was founded in 1881 by this man.

In 1973 they devised the world’s first 6-digit LCD display watch.

And for one in 1998, of the more crazy thoughts the World’s First watch powered by the body heat was released by Seiko. I kid you not. Body heat!

SEIKO Version No: SSA319J1

In the lovely SEIKO Premier Selection. It’s band and a stainless steel case, Sapphire crystal glass and automatic winding. It’s also 10 bar water-resistant and contains a see-through case- a 24 hour indicator and back.

I love it. I believe it fills the gap between having something that is affordable and dependable and yet seems great enough to wear with a suit.

The one thing I asked SEIKO in addition to them giving me this watch was whether they could give my subscribers one as well




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